Getting my Nails Done

Since I struggle with chewing my nails, I make a point of seeing a nail technician and esthetician every couple of weeks to get gel nails.  They not only look great, but they keep me from chewing on them.  I guess it is as simple as not getting the same texture and satisfaction that I get from chewing on my real nails, and frankly, it is an inexpensive way to stop my annoying habit.  I wish I had discovered this “solution” sooner, but I am thankful I did figure it out when I did.

The one thing that I noticed the last time that I was at the salon was that my technician had her own type of clothing.  I snapped a picture of her, and here she is:


I really thought her apron was pretty cute and I could really see how this type of “uniform” really made sense for the line of work that she was in.  It was not only fashionable, but easy to clean, and I really thought that it worked well.  I’m surprised that I never noticed it before, but sometimes that is just the way things work out.

After I’m done getting my nails done, I’m hoping to get some clothes shopping done – it looks like I am going to be having a pretty productive day.

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