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Dealing with Mold Problems in the Basement

We have had a year from hell when it comes to problems with our home.  It all started with a termite infestation of our deck and has progressed to other issues throughout our home.  The worst problem so far has been the mold in our basement – it is not only unhealthy but I happen to be allergic to mold as well.

In a nutshell, it is not a good situation to be in.

So, we have been working with a mold remediation malibu to get the problem under control.  We knew that we didn’t have the skills or experience to deal with something of this scope on our own and since the issue could have serious ramifications when it came to our health, we decided to leave it up to the experts.

It just made the most sense.

Getting rid of the mold is going to be a process, but I am hoping that we will have everything done shortly and then we can start thinking about moving things back into the basement.  In the meantime, the main floor of our home is pretty crowded with the stuff that we managed to salvage from down there and I am really looking forward to getting our lives back to normal.

Hopefully we never have any issues like this ever again.